Unique Opportunity Mining

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The key to success is going where others are not, digging deeper, thinking openly and creatively, understanding that talent, hard work, commitment and vision are not limited to a traditional place or a traditional model.   


For our investments we look for the unpolished diamonds, that may look like ordinary rocks to the untrained eye. 


 These are businesses that are misunderstood or ignored by many investors.  Niche businesses that are often highly profitable. 


We work with banks, other lenders, entrepreneurs, city, state and federal economic development organizations. 


In addition to reviewing traditional financial performance we look at a company's achievable potential and structure an appropriate funding strategy.


The Urban Capital team has a wealth of experience in identifying, selecting, closing and managing loans and investments in growth businesses.


Our team has also specialized in royalty based structures which open the doors of growth capital to thousands of businesses.   

 Revenue Based Funding

Barry Wilson, the Founder of Urban Capital, has been a pioneer in the use of Revenue Based Funding.


Revenue based funding avoids the endless and frustrating debate over a company's valuation and puts the business owner and the funding source on the same side of the table. A true win-win.

Funding and  Support for Quality, Growth Businesses


  • Focusing "Below the  Radar" 
  • Penetrating Underserved Markets and Businesses
  • Lighting the Path of Growth with Data and Information

Investment Opportunity

Urban Capital is offering, qualified,  Accredited Investors the opportunity to invest in its $100,000,000,  Opportunity Fund, LP.    The minimum investment is $250,000.  Investments will only be accepted from Accredited Investors and only following their review of our Confidential Offering Memorandum.

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of offers to purchase interests in The Opportunity Fund, LP