Opportunity Alerts

File # 2020-06  Nevada Based Supplier of High End Air Filtration Products

This Company has been in the air filtration business for decades.   The management team represents one of the most experienced in the industry.  Due to the ongoing, and growing, interest in interior air quality, this company has substantial opportunities for growth across the United States.  The Company has proprietary products and an excellent reputation in this fast growing industry.

File #2020-09  Restart of a  Southern California based, designer and producer of Electric Transit Buses. 

The Company has cleared its 40,000 square foot facility near Los Angeles to begin producing electric drive systems for the conversion of CNG and Diesel buses to Clean Energy Electric Power.  This Company was one of the pioneers in the electrification of transit buses.  Like many pioneers, they were ahead of their time.  Clearly, times have changed and represent the ideal time to bring this Company's experience and proprietary approach back into this virtually unparalled growth industry.

File # 2020-07  Health Care Starttup Dedicated to revolutionizng the safe and efficient delivery of vaccines.

This Company, founded by a leading Bay Area physiscian,  has identified the data, system and delivery barriers that have resulted in severe underutilization of effective vaccines.  This issue has become acutely apparent with the current challenges presented by COVID -19 however the need for a new approach to delivering vaccines has existed for decades and will persist far beyond the COVID pandemic.  

File # 2019-10 Los Angeles area Company specializing in the design, manufacturing and leasing of Electric Delivery Vehicles.

The founders of this company have been supplying alternative energy vehicles to California Airports for two decades.  The Company has co-developed a proprietary system for electric delivery vehicles and other commercial vehicle applications that exceeds the range, speed and power of its competing products by a factor of  fifty percent.  Its leasing program allows its customers to control costs with an "all inclusive" approach to fleet management.

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